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About our technological field

Cryptography has been part of communications solutions and digital applications in all areas of our lives for 25 years. Since then, powerful cryptographic systems have evolved based on quasi-standards such as PGP or S / MIME, providing high level security when properly deployed. On the other hand, based on these standards, systems have emerged that make secure communication increasingly complex and time-consuming. On the other hand, systems have emerged based on these standards that make secure communication increasingly complex and time-consuming. In addition, due to their complexity, concrete implementations - such as certificate hierarchies become the target of attacks on e-mails.

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The advancement of existing systems is a major challenge because the cryptography standards available to date can only address current attack scenarios with disproportionate effort in the IT systems and on the end-user side.

In the German economy alone, damages amounting to an estimated 100 billion euro a year are caused by attacks on e-mails. The majority of companies today, especially small ones, do not use encryption.

Therefore comcrypto uses new, proven, future-proof principles for encryption. Our products are designed for enterprise architectures, especially for SMBs, while still being the ideal gateway to contemporary, EU-compliant, confidential digital communications.

Our products and solutions follow these basic paradigms:

Comcrypto principles

1. Software from Comcrypto must be simple and intuitive to use.

2. Comcrypto always meets the highest possible level of security.

3. Each line of cryptographic source code is developed by comcrypto itself.

Technical excellence

1. One-Time Use of Keys - Perfect Forward Secrecy

2. Highest random and key quality - achieves defense security standards

3. Support of multiple terminals per cryptographic identity

4. Separate handling of signatures and ciphers, with different keys

5. Scalable cipher strength due to interoperability of procedures

Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures

Security concepts and solutions must always be as integral as they are transparent components of IT systems. Therefore, Comcrypto provides components and applications that can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures based on standard protocols such as IMAP.

Security solutions from comcrypto

E-mail communication is one of the biggest risks for businesses on the Internet. This is due to the fact that e-mails are transmitted asynchronously, that is not in a secure client-server transaction as in the web browser. Protect yourself by using our e-mail security products comcrypto MXG and encurity. Benefit from highly secure, confidential communication by e-mail.

comcrypto MXG

MXG is the perfect gateway to 100% encrypted outbound email. Every message that leaves the company is encrypted according to a transparent set of rules. All recipients who do not yet use a comcrypto solution will receive a one-way mail that can be read after entering a password in the recipient's browser. MXG therefore enables you to fully comply with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation in the first step. By complementing our e-mail security package with both sender and recipient, MXG can be upgraded to a security solution that allows e-mail encryption to be easily implemented both when sending and receiving.


Solutions developed by comcrypto meet the highest requirements. See for yourself.

Unique Selling Points

End-to-end encryption with multi-endpoint support

encurity encrypts all confidential data (subject, body of text and all attachments of confidential e-mails) between a sender and any number of recipients. With automatic key management and high-performance cryptographic components, these complex processes run in the background of the application without your noticing it.

Message-level cryptographic continuity (Perfect Forward Secrecy)

For each individual e-mail dispatch, unique key material is generated on the end devices, which can not be deduced from existing ones, in order to protect the confidential data. This solves the problem of key aging and drastically increases the security level of the entire communication process.

End-to-end authenticity with No-Trust-Anchor architecture

encurity automatically and uniquely validates the ownership of key material and messages without relying on third-party certificates. This creates a "digital four-eye conversation". This closes the biggest security gap of digital communication and allows only the communication partners access to the decrypted message. Even comcrypto has no way to decipher these messages.


We use only current algorithms based on geopolitical factors and the technical guideline of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Furthermore, we adhere to the specifications of Daniel J.Bernstein and Tanja Lange, who conduct outstanding research in the field of elliptic curves.

About comcrypto

IT security software from Germany:

“Making the Difference”, making optimum security user-friendly and cost-effective - we work for you on a daily basis.

We are an efficient team of mathematicians and computer scientists who put the practicality of our solution in everyday business at the center of our developments. We invest 10% of our resources in the evolution of our cryptography stack. More than half of our team works on our standard products MXG and encurity, which represent our identity despite many international customer projects.

We started out with four people and are now more than 20, constantly growing. Everybody at comcrypto has graduates in Mathematics, IT or Engineering – framing one of the most powerful privacy-focused teams in Europe.

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